The fastest way to progress is to have one-to-one guitar lessons. Alistair can help you to swiftly become a better guitarist by tailoring the lessons just for you – based on what you already know, what you need to know next, and what you are trying to achieve.


If you are an absolute beginner you will learn two simple but well-known songs in your first lesson – and if you follow the detailed practice routine Alistair will write out for you, you will be able to play those songs within a week.

Rhythm Guitar

Most guitarists in most bands spend most of their stage time playing rhythm guitar. A sense of rhythm and a mastery of chords is essential. Alistair can teach you everything you need to know to be a highly competent and creative rhythm guitarist.

Lead Guitar

It is better to know how to use just one scale, and turn it into something practical, musical and versatile, than it is to know many scales and have no real clue as to how to use them. However, once Alistair has taught you how to put one scale to real use, he can teach you how to expand your scale options significantly – and put those to real use too.


A small, inexpensive, lightweight, simpler-to-play alternative to the guitar, the ukulele has become very popular in recent years. The skills required for each instrument are interchangeable.

Listening skills

Listening skills are important because they are so helpful in so many ways. Alistair can help you to develop your musical ear so that you can work out songs by ear and improve your soloing and songwriting.

Technique and Theory

Good technique and a sound knowledge of music theory form a platform from which a musician can be expressive and creative. Alistair encourages every student to learn some basic music theory and to follow the principles of good guitar technique. Understanding basic musical concepts such as harmony and rhythm make playing the guitar so much easier.


How much practice you dedicate to the guitar determines how fast you progress as a guitarist. Students that progress quickly do so by putting in a minimum of 30 minutes a day. Students aiming to turn professional should be practicing for several hours every day. Only you can train your hands!

Other Lessons

Alistair teaches guitar, ukulele, music theory and songwriting.