About Alistair

Alistair Pope has been playing guitar since 1987, gigging since 1989, and earning a living as a guitar teacher since 2005. Kingston University awarded him a Master of Arts degree in Composing for Film & TV in 2008, and the Institute of Comtemporary Music Performance (ICMP) awarded him a Bachelor of Arts degree in Songwriting in 2018.

To hear his latest song, visit HERE and scroll down.

In addition to teaching privately in Chiswick, he sometimes teaches guitar courses part-time at Morley College, WAES and Enjoy Work, and is a tutor/bandleader for Rock 'n' Roll Recruits.

Alistair used to be a member of Version88 who supported the Maccabees, The Vitals, covers duo DuAlity and Maria Byrne & the Broken String.

He has played live and in the studio as a session guitarist for The Boy Least Likely To, Leonie Casanova, Susie Ledge, Mel Gareh, Jindy, Kinzli, D-Pression 9, Wish, Marshaan and Plan X . He played on Susie Ledge's track Talk About the Weather, which was produced by the Kosheen DJs.

In February 2012 Alistair challenged himself to record, edit, and upload 365 guitar lesson videos in 365 days. See his 365 Challenge here.

Live with Leonie Casanova

Live with Leonie Casanova

Live with Leonie Casanova

In the studio with Maria Byrne